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Deanna Notice - an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

It’s Time To Skyrocket Your Marketing Automation Results With An ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

It’s time to say goodbye to lacklustre results and confusion – and hello to marketing automation magic!

We get it— when marketing automation isn’t your forte, ActiveCampaign can be a source of fear, confusion, and discomfort. You’re not seeing the return on investment you thought you would, and you don’t understand the intricacies of your account to understand why you aren’t getting the results and what needs to be done to get you there! 

Many businesses we work with are perfectly capable of generating ActiveCampaign results, but to do so would require a significant investment of time and energy you don’t have! Outsourcing your ActiveCampaign set-up and management ensures you can maximise results while saving time, energy, and resources. Ultimately, we’re here to work on your ActiveCampaign strategy and implementation so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

We Inject Strategy, Structure, And Passion Into Every Campaign

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with marketing automation? Are you ready to see tangible results and that oh so important marketing revenue?

We’ve got the winning formula that will be tailored to your business needs – we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to ActiveCampaign! You don’t need to love automation as much as we do (and trust us, it’s a lot), but we can handle it all for you – creating a seamless customer journey and skyrocketing your ROI along the way!

Our services are here to bridge the gap between ActiveCampaign confusion and clarity! We provide a comprehensive, hands-on service designed to show you that marketing automation can produce the benefits you envisioned. Our experience and expertise combined with our passion means that you’ll get outstanding results from ActiveCampaign without having to lift a finger.

ActiveCampaign Consulting May Be The Missing Piece Of Your Marketing Automation Puzzle

Increase Funnel Conversions

Open rates and click-through rates not what you expected? Looking to generate more from your funnels? No problem— we’re on it.

Improve Efficiency

With marketing automation handling your administrative work, you’ll see an increase in efficiency throughout your business.

Save Time

Who has time for manual and time-consuming processes? Not you— so that’s where we step in. We automate your workflows so you can spend your time adding value to your business.

Improve Customer Experience

When you’re able to deliver a seamless and personalised customer journey, you will see improvements in customer trust and engagement – as well as the rewards that come with it!

Your Partner In ActiveCampaign Marketing Success

As an experienced and ActiveCampaign Certified consultant we’re here to provide a comprehensive and accurate ActiveCampaign solution. From set-up and strategy to ongoing management and optimisation, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Can’t recommend Deanna enough
“Can’t recommend Deanna enough – she’s professional, communicative, and her work is thorough. She familiarized herself with our brand guidelines and resources and was very conscious of the timeline. Overall, a genuine pleasure to work with!”
Julianna Rice
Content Marketer, Roots Automation, USA


“I want to set up my ActiveCampaign account like a pro.”

If you’re looking for actionable and practical advice to guide you through your ActiveCampaign set-up, then our ActiveCampaign Starter Course is just the thing for you! 

You’ll get 10x five-minute modules with best practice for setting up your ActiveCampaign account, all delivered in one go! This course will help you avoid the rookie mistakes in your account set up that can come back to bite you later.

 Modules include:

  • Back end settings – Website tracking, Users and Permissions
  • Integrations 101 (How to connect ActiveCampaign to your existing tech stack. Think about platforms link Calendly, Zapier, Shopify, ThriveCart etc.)
  • How to import your contacts (custom fields and best practices for creating lists)
  • Let’s talk about tags
  • Managing your contacts
  • How to automate your sales process with Sales CRM
  • Creating forms and form automations
  • Segments and Advanced Searches
  • Automations 101 – Welcome funnel and engagement tagging
  • A guide to reporting in ActiveCampaign

Our ActiveCampaign consultants recommend that you work chronologically, one module at a time. The course videos have been designed to be paused so that you can go into your own account and follow along. Your lifetime access to the course means that you’ll be able to go back to any of the modules again if you feel you need that extra support.

Activecampaign aUDIT package

“I have no idea what’s going on in my account.”

Whether you’re new to ActiveCampaign or are an existing user, our Audit Me package can help you to ensure you’re using your account correctly.

This package will help you identify weaknesses in your account’s set up that could be holding you back from reaching your full marketing automation and CRM potential.

With the Audit Me package, you’ll also receive recommendations that will help you discover areas for improvement and unlock maximum value from your account.

  • Email Marketing Audit – A full review of your email marketing performance, both campaigns and automations.
  • Sales CRM – An audit of pipelines and sales automations.
  • Housekeeping – Are your naming conventions, filing, and general account structure holding you back? We’ll find out and let you know.
  • Report Delivered With Recommendations
  • 30 Minute Call – To discuss our findings and answer any questions you might have. 

‘I would highly recommend hiring Deanna
“Deanna was great to work with – she knows her job inside out and delivers it with a smile.
I would highly recommend hiring Deanna.
All deliverables were on time and hit the mark each time without hardly any reiterations.”
Jay Puddy
Director, Abode Ltd, United Kingdom

“I know that our ActiveCampaign is in great hands”
“It’s been excellent working with you, I love your communication style and I know that our Active Campaign is in great hands, and for that, I am thankful.”
Emma McQueen
Business Coach, Emma McQueen

Activecampaign sETup

“I want to start using ActiveCampaign but don’t know where to start.”

You’ve chosen ActiveCampaign for your CRM and marketing automation platform. Great! But what happens next?

Get Started is our most popular package for businesses that are new to CRM. We’ll equip you with an ActiveCampaign account that will scale as your business grows.

With our Get Started package, your account will be set up and ready to go. Say goodbye to manual processes and get ready to see just how easy automation can be! Our Get Started package allows you to focus on the areas that add the most value to your business, while you leave the rest to us.

  • Account Set-Up And Integrations – This is where the magic happens. We’ll create your account, integrate your favourite software, and add tracking to your website so that you can start to measure your customers’ behaviour on your site.
  • Data Integration – Hand over any existing customer data (in whatever format it lives in!) and we’ll import it into your new account. 
  • Lists And Tags – A database is only as valuable as the information it holds. We’ll create Lists and Tags so that you can segment like a pro and create personalised experiences for your customers.
  • Forms – We’ll create up to 3 forms with automations to get you on your way – think newsletter subscription and lead magnet downloads!
  • Sales CRM – if you’re purchasing a Pro, Plus or Professional Account, we’ll create your first pipeline so your team is ready to hit the ground running from Day 1!
  • 1 Hour Training Call – To make sure you’re comfortable with your new account and are ready to start making a difference.

activecampaign Migration package

“I want to transfer to ActiveCampaign.”

Whether you’ve outgrown your existing platform, or don’t think that it has the functionality your business needs to scale, migration can seem daunting.

Our Migrate Me package is your best option if you are looking to change your CRM and add value to your business, but want to keep disruption to a minimum.

We’ll migrate your existing data and assets (think custom fields, forms, and automations) and deliver an ActiveCampaign account that is ready to go!

  • ActiveCampaign free trial account set up. This account will be live for 14 days before we will need to pay for it.
  • Data Migration – We’ll start by replicating your custom fields in your new ActiveCampaign account, before importing the data from your existing platform. During this stage we’ll make enhancements to the way that your data is organised, using lists and tags so that you can segment like a pro!
  • Forms – We’ll recreate your forms in ActiveCampaign and make sure that your leads flow into automations as they should be.
  • Integrations – WordPress, Squarespace, Xero, Thrivecart, Zapier— we appreciate that there are a number of platforms in your tech stack that make your business tick. We’ll connect ActiveCampaign to both your website and your favourite platforms to make sure that your customer journey is as seamless as possible, all while saving you valuable time.
  • Automations and Emails – At this stage we will move your existing automations and email marketing campaigns to your new account, replicating the look and feel of your current templates.
  • Sales CRM – if you are purchasing a Pro, Plus or Professional Account, we’ll create your first pipeline so your team is ready to hit the ground running from Day 1!
  • Quality Assurance And Testing – Migration requires some heavy lifting. We’ll take the time to test that everything is working correctly before handing your account back to you. Don’t worry, it’s in safe hands!
  • 1 Hour Training Call – To make sure you’re comfortable with your new account and are ready to go! (This time can be used as you wish.)

What a gem this woman is
“What a gem this woman is. Knowledge, humour, integrity, skill, capacity, ownership, honesty and an outstanding can-do attitude. Please don’t pinch her from me!”
Libby O’Lachlan
Founder and Corporate Coach, Libby O, Australia

Her work ethic is refreshing to find
“Our project was primarily focused on finding someone to work with our web team. The team found Deanna professional, confident and skilled in meeting the brief and deadlines at all times. When asked to assist with other marketing tasks Deanna didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge and was never phased when put under a tight deadline. She is a pleasure to work with and her work ethic is refreshing to find.”
Dianne Campbell
Director, Avatar Consulting, Australia

Activecampaign automation package

“I want to take my automations to the next level and skyrocket my conversions.”

So, you’ve got an ActiveCampaign account up and running, but you don’t feel like your marketing automations are delighting your customers.

Or maybe you have a number of mundane business activities that are taking up the time you need to help your business grow. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, look no further than our Automate and Nurture package.

This package will provide you with the email marketing strategy you need to nurture your leads, improve efficiency, increase your conversions, and get you that all valuable ROI.

  • Customer Journey Strategy Document – We’ll develop the ideas discussed in the Discovery call and create a strategy document for your approval. This will include proposed automations and examples of email content for your approval.
  • Content – Next we will get to work to create up to 10 emails that you can use in your automations.
  • Building Automations – We’ll create up to 5 automations and forms to take your customer journey to the next level.
  • Integrations – Using another platform as a part of your automation? We’ll connect with any ActiveCampaign compatible programs, or help your platforms talk to one another through Zapier. Popular platforms include Xero, Cognito, Calendly, Google Sheets, Bonjoro, and more!
  • 1 hour training call – to make sure that you understand what your new customer journey looks like.


ActiveCampaign isn’t just a marketing automation platform; it’s also a robust CRM many companies rely on to streamline their sales activities. Our Sales CRM package is tailored to enhance your sales journey by combining strategic automation with personalised customer engagement.

From automating follow-ups with leads to streamlining client onboarding, we ensure every step of your sales process is optimised for success so that your leads always receive the attention they deserve. Here’s a glimpse of what our Sales CRM package includes:

  • A 45-minute kickoff call to delve into your customer journey and team objectives
  • Comprehensive assessment of your current sales process to pinpoint gaps and improvement areas
  • Customised pipelines tailored to manage leads effectively and track progress
  • Workflows such as enquiry autoresponders, client onboarding sequences, proposal follow-ups, and periodic customer check-ins
  • Seamless integration with your existing tech stack
  • Rigorous testing to ensure all automations and integrations operate flawlessly
  • Lifetime access to our ActiveCampaign Starter Course for ongoing support and training.

A streamlined sales journey means consistent communication for your clients and less repetitive, mundane tasks for your sales team. No more missed follow-ups or delayed responses. Enhance customer satisfaction with a sales process that’s efficient, proactive and always on point.

Highly recommend working with Deanna. Fortunate to have come across her through a recommendation and look forward to more Active Campaign projects in the future. She’s simply brilliant.
Alexandra Khan

Working with Deanna changed the way I do business. It is incredibly helpful to have an Active Campaign specialist come into your business and get you completely set up and then train you on how to use the platform. I recommend Deanna to everyone I know who needs Active Campaign help. She is down to earth, funny and easy to talk to on top of being an absolute gun at what she does. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my Active Campaign needs, Deanna all the way!
Loren Bousfield
Gemini Creative


“I want ongoing ActiveCampaign support from the experts.”

Whether you’re navigating growth or refining your marketing strategy, our ongoing ActiveCampaign support packages are designed to keep your automation efforts on track – without the hassle. 

Unlock the full potential of your ActiveCampaign account and say goodbye to navigating marketing automation alone. Whether you need new automation strategies, expert email copywriting, or seamless integration support, our retainer packages ensure you always get the most out of ActiveCampaign.

Partner with us to continuously optimise and innovate your automations to ensure maximum efficiency and high ROI. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages tailored to meet your ongoing needs. Here are just some of the inclusions we offer:

  • Creation of ActiveCampaign automations 
  • Creation of email content and newsletters
  • Ad hoc email support
  • Strategic advice on automation design and customer journey mapping
  • Assistance with integrations and Zapier
  • Account troubleshooting
  • Access to our ActiveCampaign Starter Course and Handbook
  • Ongoing ActiveCampaign account audits and improvements

How It Works

We guide your business through a proven and strategic process to offer a seamless experience and maximised results.


During a Discovery Call with Deanna, we find out more about your business and the solution you’re looking for. This allows us to work out if we are a good fit.


If so, we send through a proposal. This is usually one of our packages that will be most relevant for you and your needs. If your situation is unique and doesn’t fit into one of our existing offers, we’ll create a custom package for you.

Kickoff Call

Here we find out more about your business, current CRM, and any marketing automation functionality you may already have. Then we identify what needs to change to help your business boom! If relevant, we’ll also decide which ActiveCampaign plan will fit you best.

Get Started

We’ll get working in your account, and provide ongoing support to help you achieve the most out of ActiveCampaign.

Looking for something different, or a combination of our packages?

Get in touch to discuss how we can create a bespoke package to help you meet both your short term and long term goals.

The Notice & Co Difference

With Notice & Co, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of— no more unnecessary stress and worrying about whether your automations have been set up correctly! We get that technical marketing jargon isn’t your first (or second, or third…) language, so we simply don’t use it. No thesaurus necessary! We understand what you want, and you’ll understand what we’re saying— it’s a win/win for everybody involved.

10+ Years of Results

We don’t call ourselves experts for nothing. For over a decade, our ActiveCampaign consultants have been delivering improvements in engagement, conversion rates and customer experience for our clients. There’s quite literally no aspect of marketing automation that we don’t understand! 

We LOVE Automation

No joke – we love it! Our genuine passion for ActiveCampaign will be obvious when you work with us. W
e inject our love for marketing automation into everything we do, and you’ll reap the rewards. 

We Handle It All

You’re engaging a professional to take care of your automations, not to bombard you with questions and demands! When you work with us, you can say goodbye to hand-holding. 

Hey, I’m Deanna Notice!

I’m not afraid to say it— I’m an automation nerd, and I wear my passion with pride. As an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant, I live and breathe ActiveCampaign implementation and marketing automation, and while those are my air and water, I also love indulging in building long- term relationships and having fun along the way.

Since starting Notice & Co, I’ve been immersing myself in customer mapping journeys, marketing automation, and data segmentation across a number of platforms. So much so that I’m sure I could do it in my sleep! Thanks to the help from my amazing small network of partners, I’m able to make a difference to SMEs and startups here in Australia as well as overseas.

We Know ActiveCampaign Inside Out And Back To Front (So You Don’t Have To!)

With over 10 years of experience behind us, we’ve helped clients to create magic with ActiveCampaign and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. Here’s what our clients say:

She was pivotal in assisting to implement a CRM process within our company
Deanna is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was pivotal in assisting to implement a CRM process within our company and is an absolute pleasure to work with! We continue to work with Deanna on marketing projects and leverage her skills to streamline and organize sales campaigns.
Sydney Long
Operations Director, IPMI, Canada
All deliverables were on time and hit the mark each time without hardly any reiterations.
“Deanna was great to work with – she knows her job inside out and delivers it with a smile.
I would highly recommend hiring Deanna.
All deliverables were on time and hit the mark each time without hardly any reiterations.”
Jay Puddy, Director
Abode Ltd, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that exists to enhance and streamline your online connections with customers. Its extensive CRM and email marketing capabilities offer an array of features – centralising everything from customer information and sales pipeline to marketing activities and communication. 

ActiveCampaign consulting by Notice & Co takes the confusion out of ActiveCampaign. We don’t just make recommendations on how to improve your email marketing and automation strategies – but we actually jump inside the platform and take the wheel! We’ll manage your account and ensure every part is performing how it should. 

An ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant is someone who has been officially recognised by ActiveCampaign as having extensive knowledge and expertise in the platform. This certification means that the consultant has completed rigorous training and has demonstrated a high level of skill in implementing and optimising ActiveCampaign’s CRM and marketing automation features for clients.

As a Certified Consultant, Deanna has a deep understanding of how to leverage ActiveCampaign to create effective marketing strategies, streamline sales processes, and enhance customer engagement. This expertise allows me to not only advise businesses on best practices but also to dive in and configure their ActiveCampaign setup to align with their specific business and marketing automation goals.

Being certified also means that we have direct lines of communication with ActiveCampaign, so that we’re always up-to-date with the latest features and updates. This close relationship allows us to provide the best possible service to my clients, helping them to maximise their investment in the platform and achieve significant results in their marketing and sales efforts.

Yes, our founder, Deanna is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant and Partner with close contacts in the ActiveCampaign team. 

This certification is a testament to her expertise and commitment to mastering the intricacies of the ActiveCampaign platform. 

It means that we’ve been through all the necessary training and have demonstrated proficiency in utilising ActiveCampaign to its full potential. For you that means that we can deliver tailored solutions and support in settin up and optimising your marketing automation and CRM processes. 

With this certification, we’re equipped to help you leverage ActiveCampaign’s powerful features to drive engagement, conversions, and ultimately, business growth.

Notice and Co is not an agency. All discovery calls, strategies and execution are carried out by Deanna herself. There is a small team at Notice and Co, who work behind the scenes with business admin, design work and project management tasks.

Hiring an experienced ActiveCampaign consultant offers many benefits, including helping you to:

  • Enhance the performance of your ActiveCampaign.
  • Get more out of your subscription.
  • Generate more online revenue with campaigns that convert.
  • Better engage your customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Save time and stress by reducing the time you spend on manual processes and administration.

A VA won’t have the depth of knowledge that we do. Working with a VA/coordinator will most likely mean you’ll have a degree of hand-holding that you won’t have with an ActiveCampaign specialist. After all, there is nothing in ActiveCampaign that we haven’t seen before! We may require a greater investment, but we’re also more efficient and will get the job done faster. Ultimately, we’re dedicated to offering you a better return and overall experience. 

Yes! With Notice & Co, you get personalised attention directly from Deanna herself, ensuring consistency and a deep understanding of your business throughout the ActiveCampaign management process.

During the Discovery Call, we assess your business needs and marketing goals to determine if ActiveCampaign is the best fit for you and which plan would most suit your needs.

Didn’t Answer Your Question?

Feel free to reach out and we’ll be in touch with the answer for you!

Ready To Start Kicking ActiveCampaign Goals?

If you’ve watched ActiveCampaign’s training tutorials and left feeling just as confused as before, we’re here to take charge and lead you down the path of success. We aim to understand your business and your goals, and to set up your ActiveCampaign in line with them.