About Deanna Notice

I’m A Self-Confessed ActiveCampaign Nerd

Overwhelmed By ActiveCampaign? You’re Not Alone

Trying to navigate ActiveCampaign without years of knowledge and experience is like finding an address in a new city without Google Maps – time-consuming, stressful, and inefficient. You don’t have time for that!

Before working with Notice & Co, our clients had struggled with the platform for months, if not years. And, like you, they’ve been in a place where their campaigns are failing to deliver results.

The problem is, ActiveCampaign can be as complex as it is brilliant: there are many moving parts, hidden features, industry tricks, and specific details you need to know to get it to work profitably for you. Frankly, I don’t blame you for putting it in the ‘too-hard basket’. The good news is, my team and I at Notice & Co exist to take this confusion and overwhelm away. We make ActiveCampaign simple and effective for your business— and we handle it all.

We Inject Strategy, Structure, And Passion Into Every Campaign

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with marketing automation? Are you ready to see tangible results and that oh so important marketing revenue?

We’ve got the winning formula that will be tailored to your business needs – we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to ActiveCampaign! You don’t need to love automation as much as we do (and trust us, it’s a lot), but we can handle it all for you – creating a seamless customer journey and skyrocketing your ROI along the way!

Have you ever worried about your launches not going to plan? Concerned about something breaking or your weekly emails failing to send? You’ll be able to see the opportunities marketing automation has to offer and how much it can enhance your customer journey, giving you a voice and bringing your brand to life.

Let’s Tranform Your ActiveCampaign Experience And Accelerate Your Online Success

Tired of logging into ActiveCampaign and not knowing where to turn? You’re not alone! We’ve worked with many organisations with the same problem and have transformed their entire sales journeys with marketing automation.

One business in particular now enjoys no longer having to manually send out emails, thanks to ‘set and forget’ automations that easily handle over 4,000-course participants. Meanwhile, another business with over one million contacts was able to inject personalisation into their customer journey, allowing them to serve each one of those contacts with exactly the right information at just the right time.

Whether your business has a handful of contacts or upwards of one million, we know how much time and energy goes into handling them manually. On the other hand, we also understand being frustrated that your ActiveCampaign experience isn’t quite living up to its promises— yet. We’re here to transform that journey for you! We have a collection of success stories from businesses large and small and would love for you to join them.

Hey, I’m Deanna Notice!

I founded Notice & Co in 2021, after almost a decade leading marketing teams in both London and Sydney. Along with specialising in B2B marketing, I also managed marketing strategies and multi-channel campaigns for leading conference companies, so with all of that under my hat, you know you’re in good hands!

I’m not afraid to say it— I’m an automation nerd, and I wear my passion with pride. I live and breathe CRM implementation and marketing automation, and while these are my air and water, I also love building long term relationships and having fun along the way.

Since starting Notice & Co I’ve been immersing myself in customer journey mapping, marketing automation, and data segmentation in ActiveCampaign. So much so that I’m sure I could do it in my sleep! I am the one that drives strategy and execution at Notice and Co, but thanks to the help from my amazing small team, I’m able to make a difference to many SMEs and startups here in Australia as well as overseas.

While Notice & Co is my passion, I do have hobbies outside of work! I’m an avid hiker and have a quest to hike in every national park in Australia. I’m also the co-founder of Suntied, a beach lifestyle brand launched in 2021.

Our Values Are What Set Us Apart

We’re Committed To Quality

You’ve been disappointed before, and our goal is to provide the opposite experience. We don’t cut any corners and always ensure the high quality of our work.

We’re Passionate About Our Work

If ActiveCampaign isn’t your cup of tea, don’t stress— we’ve got this one. We’re passionate about what we do, and love ActiveCampaign so you don’t have to!

We Deliver On Our Promises

We pride ourselves on our word. We’d rather undersell and overdeliver than the other way around, so you can rest assured we’ll deliver on our promises each and every time.

The Notice & Co Difference


With your marketing automation in the hands of an expert, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – building your business.

Clear Communication

We speak your lingo. We know marketing automations can be complex and full of jargon, so we’ll explain what is going on in simple and easily understandable terms.


We know that in small/medium-sized businesses, things move quickly. We are agile and can go with the flow as your business grows.

10+ Years’ Experience

In our 10 years of experience, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses, so there’s literally nothing that we haven’t seen and no problem that is too big for us to fix.


We are here for a good time AND for a long time. We’re committed to our clients for as long as they need us! As well as being passionate about our work, we’re also passionate about building long term relationships with clients and having fun along the way.


We work with integrity. We’ll always be straight with you— there’s no yes (wo)man here!

We Make ActiveCampaign Uncomplicated.
But Don’t Just Take Our Word For it.

We’re proud to have helped a variety of businesses maximise their success with ActiveCampaign. We can help you achieve results like this too.

She was pivotal in assisting to implement a CRM process within our company
Deanna is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was pivotal in assisting to implement a CRM process within our company and is an absolute pleasure to work with! We continue to work with Deanna on marketing projects and leverage her skills to streamline and organize sales campaigns.
Sydney Long
Operations Director, IPMI, Canada
Deanna is a pleasure to work with and her work ethic is refreshing to find
Our project was primarily focused on finding someone to work in with our web team. The team found Deanna professional, confident and skilled in meeting the brief and deadlines at all times. When asked to assist with other marketing tasks Deanna didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge and was never phased when put under a tight deadline. She is a pleasure to work with and her work ethic is refreshing to find.
Dianne Campbell
Director, Avatar Consulting, Australia

Ready To Start Kicking ActiveCampaign Goals?

If you’ve watched ActiveCampaign’s training tutorials and left feeling just as confused as before, we’re here to take charge and lead you down the path of success. We aim to understand your business and your goals, and to set up your ActiveCampaign in line with them. To find out how we can help you, book a discovery call with Deanna today!