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Let’s Unlock The Potential Of Marketing Automation With ActiveCampaign

We love ActiveCampaign (so you don’t have to) — and as ActiveCampaign specialists, we’ve been producing profitable campaigns for 10+ years.

We Build Marketing Automations That Help Your Business Grow

You were promised an impressive return on investment from ActiveCampaign. So where is it? Don’t worry— we know where to find it! We’re experts in marketing automation consulting and are passionate about helping you unlock the true potential of ActiveCampaign.

Increase Funnel

Open rates and click-through rates not what you expected? Looking to generate more revenue from your funnels? No problem— we’re on it.

Improve Efficiency

With marketing automation handling your administrative work, you’ll see an increase in cost and time efficiency throughout your business.

Save Time

Who has time for manual and time-consuming processes? Not you— so that’s where we step in. We automate your workflows so you can spend your time adding value to your business.

Improve Customer

When you’re able to deliver a seamless and personalised customer journey, you will see improvements in customer trust and engagement – as well as the rewards that come with it!

Your Trusted ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant in Australia

Optimising Your Marketing Automation
Success At Every Step

We offer a range of services that help you to get the most out of your ActiveCampaign experience. Not sure which is right for your business? Get in touch today and we’ll help you get on the right track.

man watching ActiveCampaign starter course

ActiveCampaign Starter Course

Have you sat through the ActiveCampaign training videos and ended up more confused than before? Our marketing automation consultants have seen this so many times that we’ve created a course to conquer it. Our course includes 10x five-minute modules that help you set up your campaign like a pro!

Audit Me Package

Not seeing results from your ActiveCampaign account but can’t identify areas for improvement? Our Audit Me package helps you to identify weaknesses in your account’s setup and gives recommendations for improvement.

Man and woman high fiving after getting ActiveCampaign set up

Get Started Package

You know you want an ActiveCampaign account, but that’s the extent of your knowledge. No problem! We live and breathe ActiveCampaign, so we can set up your account and have it ready to go—complete with your existing customer data—in no time.

Deanna speaking about ActiveCampaign at retreat

Automate & Nurture

Do you want to create funnels that delight your customers, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates? This package explores your customer journey holistically and creates a series of high performing funnels so you can see an improvement in open and CTRs, conversion rates and that all-important ROI!

The Notice & Co Difference: Why Choose Us As Your ActiveCampaign Specialist?

With Notice & Co, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of—no more unnecessary stress and worrying about whether your automations have been set up correctly, whether you’re in Australia or anywhere else in the world!

We may be marketing automation consultants, but we get that technical marketing jargon isn’t your first (or second, or third…) language, so we simply don’t use it.No thesaurus necessary! We understand what you want, and you’ll understand what we’re saying—it’s a win/win for everybody involved. Catering to ActiveCampaign Australia and international clients, we ensure that both local and global strategies are at the forefront of our services.

10+ Years of Results

We don’t call ourselves ActiveCampaign experts for nothing. For over a decade, we’ve been delivering improvements in engagement, conversion rates, and customer experience for our clients. There’s quite literally no aspect of marketing automation that we don’t understand! 

We LOVE Automation

No joke – we love it! Our genuine passion for ActiveCampaign will be obvious when you work with us. We inject our love for marketing automation into everything we do, and you’ll reap the rewards. 

We Handle It All

You’re engaging a professional to take care of your automations, not to bombard you with questions and demands! When you work with us, you can say goodbye to hand-holding. 

Hey, I’m Deanna Notice!

I’m not afraid to say it— I’m an automation nerd, and I wear my passion with pride. As a Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant and specialist, I live and breathe ActiveCampaign implementation and marketing automation. And while those are my air and water, I also love indulging in building long-term relationships and having fun along the way.

Since starting Notice & Co I’ve been immersing myself in customer journey mapping, marketing automation, and data segmentation across a number of platforms. So much so that I’m sure I could do it in my sleep! Thanks to the help from my amazing small network of partners, I’m able to make a difference to SMEs and startups here in Australia as well as overseas.

From Supporting Clients Just Starting Out To Accounts With 1.3 Million+ Contacts…We’ve Done It All

With over 10 years of experience behind us, we’ve helped clients to transform their marketing automation and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. Our seamless automations are designed with your audience and goals in mind to ensure a delightful customer journey and a maximised ROI!  

She was pivotal in assisting to implement a CRM process within our company
Deanna is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was pivotal in assisting to implement a CRM process within our company and is an absolute pleasure to work with! We continue to work with Deanna on marketing projects and leverage her skills to streamline and organize sales campaigns.
Sydney Long
Operations Director, IPMI, Canada
Deanna didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge and was never phased when put under a tight deadline
Our project was primarily focused on finding someone to work in with our web team. The team found Deanna professional, confident and skilled in meeting the brief and deadlines at all times. When asked to assist with other marketing tasks Deanna didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge and was never phased when put under a tight deadline. She is a pleasure to work with and her work ethic is refreshing to find.
Dianne Campbell
Director, Avatar Consulting, Australia

Clients We’ve Worked With

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If you’re ready to engage with a marketing automation expert who knows just how to connect with both you and your audience, you’ve come to the right place! Book a discovery call with Deanna to determine whether we’re a good fit for you and how we can find the solutions to your specific needs.

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Want to set up ActiveCampaign like a pro?

Get Our ActiveCampaign Starter Course For Just $27!

With 10x engaging and actionable 5-minute modules, our ActiveCampaign Starter Course guides you through the essentials for marketing automation success. From managing settings and contacts to understanding funnels and reporting, this course is ideal for anyone who wants to swap mediocre results for marketing automation magic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing automation is the secret to scaling your business efficiently—it’s all about using software to automate your marketing activities. It streamlines repetitive tasks like email campaigns, social media posting, and even ad campaigns, making it easier to nurture leads, measure outcomes, and deliver a more personalised experience to your audience.

A marketing automation specialist designs, builds and optimises email marketing flows and campaigns, including customer segmentation, and lead nurturing processes using software platforms like ActiveCampaign.

Day-to-day, this specialist is hands-on in setting up automated workflows, segmenting audiences, and personalising communication to align with customer behaviour and preferences. They continuously assess campaign performance, using insights to optimise and adjust marketing approaches for better engagement and conversion rates.

By leveraging automation, they help businesses efficiently scale their marketing efforts, personalise communication, and drive more sales, all while providing valuable insights into customer behaviour. 

A good marketing automation specialist not only saves time but also scales marketing efforts to build stronger customer relationships and boost your revenue.

ActiveCampaign is used for streamlining customer experiences through a blend of email marketing, automation, sales automation, and CRM tools. 

It’s designed to help businesses connect and engage with their customers more effectively by automating many aspects of the marketing, sales, and customer support processes. 

With features like site tracking, event tracking, automation maps, and predictive sending, ActiveCampaign allows businesses to deliver personalised messages across multiple channels, track customer behaviour, and use that data to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

It also has CRM capabilities which help sales teams manage their leads and deals more efficiently.

It’s a versatile platform that supports businesses in their efforts to nurture customer relationships at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

As a Marketing Automation Specialist, Deanna has worked with a lot of marketing automation tools in the industry, but to me, ActiveCampaign stands head and shoulders above the rest for a lot of reasons. What we love most about ActiveCampaign is its intuitive blend of depth and usability. It strikes the perfect balance between advanced features and user-friendly design, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned marketers.

In comparison to other tools I’ve used, ActiveCampaign offers a more comprehensive and cohesive experience.

ActiveCampaign suits businesses of all sizes, from new startups to established enterprises. If you want streamlined marketing processes, increased customer engagement, and an improved customer journey, ActiveCampaign is your go-to. 

Yes. ActiveCampaign isn’t just about marketing; it’s a comprehensive CRM tool as well. This means it’s not only great for marketing automation but also invaluable for managing and enhancing customer relationships.

Yes, ActiveCampaign plays well with many other business tools, including CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and more. Integration ensures a smooth flow of data across your business processes, amplifying efficiency.

The timeframe for seeing results can vary, but with Notice & Co’s expert setup and strategy, many clients begin to see improvements in customer engagement and campaign performance within the first few months.

Absolutely! ActiveCampaign’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for both B2C and B2B businesses. Its advanced segmentation and personalisation capabilities are ideal for nurturing long-term B2B relationships.

Notice & Co offers ongoing support packages that include campaign monitoring, analysis, and adjustments to optimise performance over time.

ActiveCampaign enhances your ROI by automating tasks, personalising customer interactions, and optimising your marketing campaigns, which in turn increases conversions and customer lifetime value.

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